A blue t-shirt with screen printed image of the word France on a white cloud with the French flag colors with a drawing of the Eiffel Tower on the left and a drawing of the Arc de Triomphe on the right

Creative Artwork by Child is Transformed into Screen Printed Masterpiece

At MFG Merch, we believe creativity should not be restricted and every artistic expression deserves to be celebrated. Through an exciting partnership with an elementary school in our local area, our design team engaged in an inspiring project which transformed a child's doodle into wearable art - this journey serves as testament to our dedication in not just producing apparel but also in capturing its spirit of imagination. 

Our story began when an elementary schooler shared their imagination through drawing. Our team was instantly taken by his or her innocent yet creative style, which our team found quite captivating. Recognizing its potential as something extraordinary, they decided to turn their artwork into tangible reality. 

Our dedication to community involvement led us to work closely with the young artist on this inspirational project.

Our talented in-house design team was instrumental in digitally recreating the drawing. Every line, curve and unique scribble shading was accurately recreated to maintain the authenticity of a child's masterpiece while adapting it for the screen printing process. 

Replicating the child's drawing required more than mere accuracy; it must capture their imagination and intent. Our designers took great care in creating digital representations that closely matched what was seen on paper by recreating its scribble shading, an impressive demonstration of our commitment to authenticity. 

Once the digital recreation was complete, it was time to bring the drawing to life on fabric using our cutting-edge screen printing process. Colorful details popped vibrantly while crisp lines showcased our printing technology's precision. 

The final product exceeded our expectations. A child's drawing had been transformed into an intricate wearable masterpiece showcasing both professional and child artistry working harmoniously together to bring life and color to a shirt that became much more than an article of clothing for young artists to express themselves through art. 

At MFG Merch, we go beyond custom apparel manufacturing; we're storytellers! Through fabric and ink we weave narratives. This project showcases our commitment to nurturing creativity within our community and reminding us that sometimes extraordinary designs emerge from young minds; we are honored to play an instrumental role in realizing these dreams!

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A blue screen printed shirt with artwork created from hand drawn artwork of a child.

A MFG Merch designer working on the scribbles within artwork created by a child.

 A designer sitting at a computer working on creating a screen print file from a child artist.  The artwork is of the word France and the shape of France and the colors of the French flag and the Eiffel Tower on the left side and the Arc de Triomphe on the right side.

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