Duval Light Black hat with Teal and Gold front bill

Duval Light Daily's Teal Collection

Daily's is bringing a Nicer experience since 2004, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are a one-stop shop that includes all the basics, great brands, and deluxe offerings, like made-to-order gourmet sandwiches and coffee, a premium wine collection, and gluten-free snacks.

Check out the new Duval Light collection here.  The refreshed collection has the hometown feel and uses the DUVAL energy in all of the creative merchandise!  DUUVAL and the Teal/Jag pattern sets the collection apart.  

Custom sublimated socks, bandanas, fanny packs along with 3D/puff embroidery on the hats with JAX and DUVAL Light with a custom bill ensures the hats stand out. 

Let's hear it for DUUVAL!

Duval Light socks with a Jaguar pattern - Daily's - MFG Merch
Duval Light Black socks with Teal and Gold leaf - Daily's - MFG Merch
Duval Light Teal and Gold bandana - Daily's


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