Blonde girl on a sailboat with a Duvin casual woven. MFG Merch

Duvin Design Co. Project Blog page

Duvin was started by lifelong friends in the name of radness. You could call them a surf lifestyle brand but honestly, that would be boring. The crew has expanded to include all sorts of characters. We're talking about surfers, party starters, athletes, creatives, musicians, skaters, and fashion-forward.
This collection of button up shirts and volley shorts were created through our Cut & Sew program . #duvin #mfgmerch #customapparel #fashion

Duvin Classic palm woven with a model in a green Filthy Flamingo golf Club hat
Duvin Board Shorts with black and white checkers on the side
Duvin strip woven shirt and trunks with a male model in a Duvin bucket hat - MFG Merch

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